Newport RI’s Daffodillion Campaign has the daffy idea of planting 1,000,000 daffodils throughout the city to celebrate renewal, beauty and live-ability in every neighborhood.

Over 494,000 and counting. Are you daffy enough to join in?

Launched in 2006 with the support of The Daffodil Project, an avid local beautification committee, 494,000 daffodils have been planted throughout Newport during the past 9 years. You’ve probably seen their beautiful yellow blooms each April along Cliff Walk, at Easton’s Beach, at the Meeting House and on the J.T. Connell highway roundabout.

Your help is needed if we’re to reach our ultimate goal of 1,000,000 daffodils in Newport. That’s right – we want to become the daffiest city in America!

Here's How You Can Help

Daffy Founders Club
Our “City by the Sea” was founded 377 years ago. In recognition, your donation of $377 will plant 1,639 daffodils – the year Newport began and you will become an official “Founder’s Club” Member.

The more members who join in beautifying Newport, the more free bulbs we’ll be able to give away each fall. Of course, donations of any amount are appreciated. Mail your check to Daffodillion, c/o of Alliance for a Livable Newport, PO Box 2636, Newport, RI 02840 or go on-line to and click on JOIN to donate to the Alliance.

Major Sponsors
Join the City of Newport, The Preservation Society of Newport County, the Newport Restoration Foundation, Salve Regina University, private philanthropic donors, and A.D.R., our Dutch bulb grower, to fund the planting of large public beds and the daffodil bulb give-away. Contact us at for information.

Go to to learn how best to plant your bulbs this October and November. Of course, the great thing about Daffodils is that they’ll keep popping up every April, year after year.

Clubs, Schools and Organizations
Call for special pricing on more than 250 bulbs for planting.

Daffy Mavens
Like us on Facebook and share with friends. Follow our photo blog. Also, follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google+.

Planting Guide

Select a site that offers full sun or part shade. Most daffodils tolerate a range of soils but grow best in moderately fertile, well-drained soil that is moist during the growing season. The daffodil bulbs you received from Daffodillion are known as “Dutch Masters.”

  • Choose a bright, sunny spot.
  • Dig a hole 5” deep.
  • Place 3 bulbs into each hole – pointed ends up.
  • Cover with dirt.
  • Let them hibernate for the fall and winter.
  • Come next April, enjoy!
  • Allow the plants to grow until they die off. They need time after blooming to store energy in the bulbs for next year’s bloom.



Daffodillion is looking for sponsors to support our goal of planting 1 million daffodils throughout our City by the Sea.

Sponsorships cost $500. Your business or organization will receive prominent mention on our Daffodillion website along with your logo on the Daffy Days Calendar.


In order to distribute free bulbs to clubs, schools and non-profit organizations throughout Newport, we need donations – however small. Won’t you do your part to help beautify our city?

Make your check out to ALN-Daffodillion and mail to:

c/o Alliance for a Livable Newport
PO Box 2636, Newport, RI 02840

If you’d like to pay by credit card, click the button below.

* Your contribution to Daffodillion is through the Alliance for a Livable Newport, a 501(c)(3) organization. You will receive no goods or tangible services in return for your contribution. The full amount of your contribution may be tax deductible within the limits of the law.


  • Yes, I’d like to be part of Daffodillion and help beautify Newport: *
  • Thank you for going daffy!
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Mark your calendar!

On Saturday, October 15th, 2016 Daffodillion will distribute thousands of free bulbs to Newport residents. The giveaway will be held at Easton’s Beach from 9am -1pm and then again that evening at Ballard Park’s Halloween Movie Night beginning at 5pm.

Your complimentary bag will be packed with 2 dozen bulbs, a retail value of over $20!

To receive your free bulbs, you’ll need to first download and fill out your Daffy Pledge by clicking here, then simply print it out and bring it along with you on the 17th.

Free supplies are limited and based on the number of donors, sponsors and Founders Club members. One bag per household. Additional quantities can be ordered with significant discounts by becoming a Founder’s Club Member or Sponsor. Email ails or go click on FOUNDERS CLUB.

Additional free bulbs for schools and non-profit organizations may be available after October 19. Please email to inquire.

See you then!

Free Bulbs